Welcome to NCRF’s Guilde page. We use guildes to organize our volunteers. A guilde is essentially a committee responsible for a particular function of the faire. Every guilde falls under the management of either the entertainment director, technical director, security, or business administration. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the following guildes, please fill out the Volunteer Form.

images-royalsThe Guilde of St. George
The Royal House of Tudor and The Peerage – This guilde is named for the Patron Saint of England. Its members portray the Royalty, Noblemen, and Gentry of Elizabethan England in all of their regalia. In addition, members of this guilde portray the Queen’s Guards and the household servants. They participate in many activities throughout the day, including court dancing, royal parades, stage shows, and the over-all story line of the Faire day. The guilde is open to volunteers through annual auditions.

images-revelersThe Guilde of St. Notburga
The Revelers – The Revelers guilde is home to the more offbeat characters which inhabit the shire of Kingston-Upon-Hull, whose chief duty is to make merry at the arrival of the Queen. This guilde is the starting point for persons entering entertaining at our festival. Basic Improv, character training, and wacky fun are the emphasis of this guilde. The guilde is open to vounteers through annual auditions.

images-piratesThe Guilde of St. Erasmus Syrius (St. Elmo)The Pirates and Privateers – This Guilde takes its name from a sailing phenomenon, St. Elmo’s Fire, a blue light around the mast of ships, which sailors claim is sent to them by St. Erasmus to protect them during storms. Members of this guilde are a pirate crew from around the globe. They are the masters of mayhem. The guilde is open to volunteers through annual auditions.

images-fantasyThe Guilde of St. Brigid
Fantasy and Folklore Characters – The Celtic Goddess Brigid, canonized by the Catholic church lends her name to this Guilde of persons who create the fantasy characters which inhabit our Kid’s Kingdom and participate in the pageant on the arrival of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The guilde is open to volunteers through annual auditions.

images-stjulianThe Guilde of St. Juilian
The Gypsy Guilde -The Gypsies are wanderers from a land to the East of Kingston-Upon-Hull. They are nomads with a penchant for storytelling, mystic arts, forecasting fortunes, and thievery. The guilde is open to volunteers through annual auditions.

images-stmichaelThe Guilde of St. Gabriel
The Diplomats – The members of this guilde make up the diplomatic corps, those foreign dignitaries which have come to represent their countries at the court of Elizabeth I. This guilde is open to volunteers through annual audition.

images-stchristopherThe Guilde of St. Genesius
The Apprentice Guilde – The apprentice guilde provides a fun environment to learn improv skills, create a costume, and be a part of the entertainment cast! The guilde members fill a variety of roles at the faire during the run of the show. This guilde is open to volunteers through annual audition.

images-stthomasaquinasThe Guilde of St. Thomas Aquinas
The Shakespearean Players – This guilde includes actors who present Shakespearan comedy and drama throughout the weekends of the festival. They appear onstange, in the streets, anywhere they can get an audience. This guilde is open to volunteers through annual audition.

images-squireThe Guilde of St. James
The Squires – This Guilde, responsible for helping care for the beautiful horses used for the tournament, is also responsible for aiding the knights during the Jousts.

images-stmatthewThe Guilde of St. Raphael
Traveling Performers (DC Metro Area) – This Guilde encompasses those many people who travel from afar to participate in our faire as volunteers, from all across the country. This guild produces revelry along the streets of our shire. The Guilde takes its name from one of the patron saints of travel.

images-scotlandThe Guilde of St. Andrew
Scottish Military – The Scottish Mercenaries are a band of Scottish soldiers who are in Kingston-Upon-Hull preparing to go to war across the sea.



images-techThe Guilde of St. Joseph
The Builders of the Dreams – The Tech Guilde is responsible for transforming our site into the 16th century village of Kingston-Upon-Hull. They are the makers of the dreams that the give the faire its magical feel. This guilde builds, designs, and decorates most of the props, stages and other things needed for our event.

images-gamesmerchThe Guilde of St. Francis of Assisi
Games & Merchandising – This Guilde is responsible for patron games and merchandising the memorabilia to commemorate the days that patrons spend with us.

images-stsebastiianThe Guilde of St. Sebastian
The Archer’s Guilde – This guilde includes those who teach and demonstrate archery during the faire weekends.

images-stpeterThe Guilde of St. Peter
Gates – This Guilde is responsible for manning gates on the weekend of the Faire. Guildemembers ensure that our patrons pay the proper tithe to the Queen upon entering our shire.

The Guilde of St. Catherine
Safety and Security – The members of this guilde are responsible for safety and security of patrons and performers on the weekend of the faire.


The Guilde of St. Bede
Keeper’s of the Gallery and Historians – The Museum guild displays pieces and relics from the time of Queen Elizabeth and offers a sense of history for the Faire.


The Guilde of St. Gregory
The Educators – This guilde represents the scholars of the faire – those that engage in the art of teaching our patrons about the time period.