Vendor Documents

North Carolina Renaissance Faires


INDOOR ($7.00 per square foot) OR OUTDOOR ($3.00 per square foot)

***Please Note: This price is for both weekends. This is a special rate which includes all dates.***

Applications Documents Needed:

  • Vendor Rules: NC Ren Faire
  • Vendor Rules: Rocky Mount
  • Vendor Info: NC Ren Faire
  • Vendor Info: Rocky Mount
  • Vendor App: NC Ren Faire
  • Vendor App: Rocky Mount
  • Vendor App: Camelot Christmas
  • Vendor App: Celtic Halloween

Vendor Information

The North Carolina Renaissance Faire is a nonprofit organization which promotes the arts, history and culture, as well as the fantasy and folklore of the Medieval/Renaissance era. Primarily, we do this by producing an annual event, but we also offer educational outreach programs. We strive to involve the community and schools in our event.

Spring is a wonderful occasion here as the azaleas and dogwoods bloom and the air breaths warmth. WE are seeking the best and the brightest to ADD to our event as each year we add more exciting and interesting displays for our patrons.

We will sell OUT of space, so we suggest you get your application in early this year. We have very limited indoor space and indoor vendors are on a first come, first serve basis. Outdoor vendors must have a tent or canopy. ALL vendors must provide ALL their own display media in a manner decorated appropriate to the theme of our event.

Although we take a broad sweep of history embracing King Arthur to Robin Hood through Queen Elizabeth or about 600 – 1600 AD, our event is based in the late 1500’s. You MUST adhere to our theme and dress in costume.

Special consideration is given to artisans who demonstrate crafts, educational displays and nonprofit organizations. Please check with us if you feel you fall in one of these categories.

Your application should include any special needs such as electricity, etc. and any special placement requests in addition to the size of the space you need. Being able to set up on asphalt is a plus! We now REQUIRE a Picture of your Costume and Set Up accompany ALL new applications.

Please read the RULES before committing. We will not HOLD space. Your fee payment MUST accompany your application.

Confirmations will be mailed in February. Rejections are returned. Merchants Must Participate ALL weekends to be considered!